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Your needs are very simple: a secure and reliable infrastructure, knowledgeable users and regulatory compliance. Most importantly, your business likely needs an IT professional who truly understands your industry and can create an effective technology plan, without getting lost in "geek-speak".

Top Dog PC Services , LLC provides technology consulting services to all companies in the Twin Cities Area. We keep networks running smoothly, compliance in-check and our clients informed about changes in the technology that affect their industries.

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Dear Colleague,

It just amazes me how unreliable and arrogant some computer technicians are.

When you call them for help, you end up talking to their voice mail. Then when you finally get them on the phone, they make you wait hours – even days – before they can actually come out to see you. Even at that, a lot of them are late, never really explain what they are doing, and as a final insult, bill you for work that you are not satisfied with!

Enough Is Enough!

I think it’s about time someone finally got it right. That’s why we decided to start a “one company revolution” and commit ourselves to delivering fast, affordable computer network support from technicians who really know what they are doing.

Although I don’t think this is an amazing concept, it still surprises me how many companies don’t get it right. After all, you and I know that there are plenty of computer consulting firms out there offering some type of network support; but an awful lot of them are new or just getting started in the business. Some will even outsource their clients’ projects to part-time technicians that are between jobs or to companies overseas.

We’ve been servicing customers in the Twin Cities area for over three years and ALL of our technicians are fully qualified and hold the most up-to-date certifications and expertise in every area of networking. When you hire us for ANY project, not only can you expect it to be done right, but you can expect it to be done on time and on budget.

If you are a new customer with ten computers or more, I’d like to invite you to sign up for FREE two hours of network support where one of our senior technicians will come on site and prove that we can do a better job at solving your "technology headaches" than your current IT vendor. We’ll also show you how you can get better performance, speed, reliability, and LIFE out of your existing computer network. Click here to learn more. We offer this service as a gift to all prospective customers so they can get to know us better without any cost or risk on their part.


Joe Malmberg
Top Dog PC Services


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Click here for two free hours of emergency support for networks of 10 PCs or more


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